Elk Corporation

Grade (A-F scale): C+

Overview: Structurally superior composite decking & fencing material, but we have suffered from aesthetics problems.

I had a deck constructed of PermaLumber in 2002, back before Elk Corp purchased the product rights from Advanced Composites and renamed it to CrossTimbers.

Structurally this composite appears far superior to any wood and most composites that I've seen such as Trex or ChoiceDek. It is heavier, thicker, and doesn't have the 'sponginess' you get with other materials.

However, when it was finished there were scuff marks everywhere, possibly either from the workers' shoes, or from the hoses used by their power tools. I tried various cleaners and a power washing, but neither would remove the marks. A green abrasive scrub pad would, however it would also remove the entire top layer leaving a different color underneath. Eventually the marks did fade after another full year in the sun.

After the second full year of use, we now have ongoing problems with mildew stains. We have tried deck cleaner and water/bleach together with a power washing. It helps, but the stains are definitely still there.

See pictures below for us in deciding what product to go with.

Our deck is on the northern side of our home, so in the early spring and late fall it is fairly well shaded. In the summer the majority of it gets plenty of sunshine especially in the afternoon. That may contribute to whether you run into these problems.

If you visit the CrossTimbers link above and click on 'About Elk', that's our deck in the upper-left with the arbor, lattice, and white wicker chairs. Picture used without our permission. :)

Scuff marks

Mildew stains, picture taken in July when they are much less visible

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